This is an Animatic I’ve made for an exercise at Gobelins, l'École de l'image, It was made in one week, the main goal of this exercise was to create a story out of a writing that the teacher gave us. In my case was and it was A Crossbreed by Franz Kafka, the story on the Animatic is not the same of course, but I tried to come up with something in a narrative way, if you want to read the original, you can go to this link:
This is a series of Story Thumbnails the first was used to pitch the story, and the others are explorations of the ideas I had for the scenes. 
Value exploration. I was trying to see the light working on this shot, i like how it works so far. 
Color exploration. On this one I wanted to look the color and light working together, but I didn't like the result, for me it looks quite generic, so I've proceeded with a different technique. 
This is a final Background, this was made by hand, using color pencils on paper. This was a lot of fun to do, I did it using animation paper, and i drew every panel in a different sheet to create the feeling of depth. One important thing to know is that here I’ve tried to create a telephoto effect.
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