It's an ANNIE AWARD Winning film made at Gobelins, l'École de l’image, Directed by Ram TAMEZ, alongside Marlijn van Nuenen, and Alfredo GERARD.
PLOT: A young and stubborn Mexican smuggler is traveling on top of a cargo train called LA BESTIA (The Beast) with a package, a little girl he needs to deliver at USA. But a small injury on his leg makes him sick, transforming his perception of the journey.
Ram's CREDITS: Direction, Screenplay, Storyboard / Animatic, Songwriting, Character Design, 2d Animation and Animation Supervision. Voice Acting.

The challenge was to make a short film in 48h. And thanks to the talented and amazing, Shanshan Zou, Ana Karen Murillo Valdivia, Nguyễn Quỳnh Phương, Juanra Rayas, Xtian Arredondo Narváez, George PA, Pepe Delgado Navarro, Cesar Alejandro Ramirez, the challenge was completed.

Seriously thanks to all the team! true heroes!

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